The natural stone


This is the oldest natural element on the earth, the planet’s memory. Its geological features, shapes, textures, grains, striations and shades make it a particularly versatile material.

Any stone, any block is identical to other. The unicity of this material make it exceptionally charming, robust and extraordinary durable.

Human activities have no impact on its evolution. The stone originate from an organic development fieldproven of sediments which have been carried by winds, rains, well before any form of life appears and impacts on its development or to try to control it.

Material absolutely raw and natural, the natural stone has that irreplaceability which deserves to be recognized and treated as it must be.

Natural stone advantages

Since many years, natural stones are coming back in our housing.

In a general way, we observe a clear tendancy to use natural products to build and decorate.

We must mention that natural stone advantages are numerous: non-polluting, durable, easy to clean and much more affordable now than before. In addition to value your asset, the natural stone is an excellent investment because its value will always remain.

Each year more and more people wishing to use natural and quality material select the natural stone.
This quality material is always “in” and durable, contrary to synthetic materials which rapidly become out of fashion and altered.

The naturalness of the stone makes it eternal, esthetic and unique.


A leed product

What means LEED :

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Initially created by the U.S. Green Buildings Council to design and to construct buildings environmentally friendly. This is now implemented in Canada and other countries.

LEED program takes into consideration the buildings energy efficiency in five health and environment key areas ( ecological sites management, water saving, energy efficiency, raw materials selection and interior spaces quality).

Leed certification

Canada increasingly requires buildings with the LEED certification. Requests from private sector also increase because LEED programs can generate important savings (reduction up to 32% of the electrical consumption.).

Natural stone has many advantages : great availability, transformation plants close to projects, good thermal inertia, recyclability et minimum waste at each production step. These characteristics allow an high LEED score and complete compliance with environmental regulations.